| Proper lubrication ensures optimum performance and long life of machinery

An automatic lubricator is designed to automatically supply a small quantity of clean grease or oil to a lubrication point on a regular basis, thus improving bearing performance. Key benefits of using an automatic lubricator are improved employee safety, increased machine reliability and optimized maintenance operations.

Easylube lubricators are suitable for a variety of applications but often are used on pumps, electric motors, fans, blowers, conveyors and chains. They can be adjusted to make sure that the correct quantity of lubricant is delivered to the lubrication point during a predetermined period of time. This provides a more accurate control of the amount of lubricant supplied, when compared to traditional manual lubrication techniques. For an optimum flexibility according to applicable  conditions, three series  are available 60.150 and 250:

| Easylube® Total Patrol Management System (TPMS)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been developing rapidly in recent years. The intelligent management of Industry 4.0 has begun to change people’s thoughts and operation modes. It has become much easier in terms of application, operation requirements and management. No matter how experienced or inexperienced people are, anyone can still follow the procedures of industry 4.0 and get the job done right away. Once the unstable factors are eliminated, the procedure and results of one’s experience can be under the same working conditions, and the same work target can be completed effectively and reliably.

Easylube® RFID Total Patrol Management System (TPMS) can help you to simplify your lubrication maintenance. With the help of AI software, you can monitor the state of each lubrication point and monitor the patrol mission progress of each technician easily. In addition, TPMS provides graphical user interface to intelligently guide a technician to perform patrol missions step by step. Even if the mission is assigned to inexperienced technicians, they can still perform the lubrication maintenance. Moreover, the routine inspection can be carried out easily and correctly. At the same time, the lubrication status of each bearing can be monitored remotely, and it can be seen whether or not patrol missions have been completed. Thus, the goal of preventive maintenance is implemented.

VERSADA are investing inappropriate level of stocks to bridge the gap between users and manufacturers, this business model has enabled VERSADA to respond promptly and delivering the necessary products in the needed amounts at the right time with the competitive price.

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