Chain lubrication solutions

Effective lubrication is key to maximize chain life in order to keep your chain and conveyor processes moving. An automatic chain lubrication system can provide many benefits when compared to manual lubrication. Regardless of application, chain type, or lubricant requirements, our experts will work with you to design a solution to prevent premature wear, corrosion, noise and chain failure.


Oil spraying units are products to fulfil the lubrication needs. They are designed to be used as a part of central lubrication systems. Their compact size allows many different possible applications. Advantage of multiple outlets and combinations of different dosages on each outlet gives more flexibility.

Operating type : Pressurized air
Air inlet pressure : 6 – 8 bar.
Selenoid valve voltage : 24 V DC
Lubricant type : Oil 
Working temperature :  -25°C to 80°C 


Product number Description Outlets
40 00 01 01 Oil spraying unit 1 outlet
40 00 01 02 Oil spraying unit 2 outlets
40 00 01 04 Oil spraying unit 4 outlets
40 00 01 06 Oil spraying unit 6 outlets
40 00 01 08 Oil spraying unit 1 outlet


LUBMATIC series are electric oil pumps manufactured for only lubrication purpose. LUBMATIC series have wide range of application area in machinery and equipments. LUBMATIC pumps are specially designed to use with single line lubrication systems. Pressure relief valve and by-pass system is standard and integrated with pump design. Timer series LUBMATIC pumps have advanced electronic control unit integrated with motor cover. Waiting and working time period programming and also system monitoring can be done by integrated control unit.

Motor type : 24 V DC
Min. working pressure
Max. working pressure
: 40 bar. / 580 psi
70 bar. / 1015 psi
Liquid grease types : NLGI 0000
NLGI 000
Oil types : 40 (ISO grade)
and up to
220 (ISO grade)
Operating temperature :  -25°C, +80°C
Reservoir capacities : 3 Liters
Displacement : 250 cm³ / minute
Motor protection class : IP 54
Control card voltage : 10 – 30 V DC
Working time period : 1 sec. to 99 minutes
Waiting time period : 1 sec. to 99 hours
Warnings : Fuse broken, Fault, Alarm
Outlet connection : M10x1 – Ø6mm

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