Ceramic Fiber Stones

BESDIA Ceramic Fiber Stones

All New BESDIA® Ceramic Fiber Stone use the special ceramic fibers combinated with the unique bonding material and manufacturing process. Compare to the previous one we sold:

  • Our improvements in production processes give better tensile strength to the stones, hence fewer breakages.
  • A polishing efficiency increase of 10% to 20% has been achieved.
  • Durability under the same working conditions has been increased by 10% to 30%.



    Grit Size & Color Code

    Grit Size & Order No

    Note :

    • #320 Grey instead of #280 Black and #360 Navy Blue of old stones.
    • units in mm

    VERSADA are investing inappropriate level of stocks to bridge the gap between users and manufacturers, this business model has enabled VERSADA to respond promptly and delivering the necessary products in the needed amounts at the right time with the competitive price.

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