Rotary Kiln Lubrication System

The length of workshop is around 90 meter and 30 meter width, there are total 6 equipment in this workshop, 3 equipment are located Relatively concentrated, and another 3 equipment are located Relatively decentralized.

| Advantage of central lubrication

1. Implementation timing and automatic lubrication of the equipment during operation, you can save 95% manual cost, reduce personnel to work under complex conditions, ensuring operation safety;

2. Centralized lubrication system ensures each lube point to mandatory,timely and quantitatively gain the pure grease, guarantee the lubrication effect, and reduces grease consumption is more than 70%;

3. The oil-way of Centralized lubrication system is fully-enclosed,which ensure

4. Good lubrication can lengthen maintenance intervals, reduce maintenance and fault repair times, saves repair and maintenance materials, reducing equipment downtime and operating efficiency.

5. Reducing the times of maintenance and fault repair, reduce the cost of spare parts, increasing equipment operating time, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, save the grease more than 70%.


Series Name Unit Lube Point Remark
1 Front-end bearing pedestal Piece 2
2 Roll chock of gear ring Piece 2
3 Bearing chock of motor  
Piece 2
4 Rear idler bearing chock Piece 2
5 Gear Ring Piece 3

Existed lubrication way is manually lubricate the bearing housing, and gear ring uses dripping lubrication


6 equipment in this workshop, 3 of which are more concentrated, 3 sets of scattered, they are adopted 2 sets of centralized lubrication system to lubricate; jet lubrication is using existing gas source.

This program includes all the lube point of bearing housings, motor housings, large & small gear ring, one set of central lubrication system adopts one electric lubrication pump, 3 spray oil lubricating pumps, 13 single-line Distributors, 9 sets of injection valve, 1 control cabinet. 2 sets of centralized lubrication systems share one upper-computer to do remote control

Upper computer monitoring system monitors the running status of whole equipment, can do data query and parameter modification

Electric lubrication pump connects main oil pipe, main oil pipe will convey the grease to primary single-line distributor, then the primary distributor will convey quantitative grease to secondary single-line distributor, the secondary distributor will convey quantitative grease to each lube point. Spray oil lubrication pump connects main oil pipe, main oil pipe will convey the grease to single Distributor, by will quantitative grease will be conveyed to Jet valve by distributor, Jet valve will mix grease and compression air, and mixture will be sprayed to all lubrication gear rings through nozzle. Control cabinets will automatic control the Entire system, it can set operational parameters (for interval time, injection time)

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